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Cheap junk. Manufacturer is PURCHASING 5-Star Reviews. The keyboard and mouse are light, cheap junk. Inside the box is included a card (see attached image) offering to give the purchaser a $15 Amazon gift card in exchange for their review.  No wonder this product has all of the five-star reviews. I suspect a lot of people are willing to write a false review for a measly $15 because this is certainly no five-star product.  I'd give it two or three stars because it is, at least, functional, but I hated the keyboard which has thin keys and no good tactile way to determine finger placement.  But I'm instead leaving one star in protest against the manufacturer's outright purchasing of reviews.  I wonder if Amazon is knowingly complicit in this practice.  It wouldn't be their first rodeo, would it? I'm referring to all of those "VINE reviews of free product" you see on various items.

amazon review not published 2 did not publish the above review, instead sending me the following email message: 

amazon review not published

Notice that, in this case (unlike in the cases of the clearly-marked "VINE reviews of free products"), Amazon has NOT put up a public notice letting the public know that the five-star reviews are being compensated with $15 gift cards, or that Amazon is refusing to publish negative reviews like the above. I think it's fair to say, based on the above, that's review system is fraudulent.  If this bothers you too, please spread the word by sharing a link to this page with others.

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