Stay Informed Original Creative InspiredHere are some free e-mail lists that I think are worth subscribing to, because they provide interesting information you are not likely to find elsewhere.   The inclusion of any particular list here does NOT mean I endorse the owner, any particular contents, political or religious views, or anything else.   Some might be groups I vehemently disagree with and am paying attention to for that reason.  I am simply mentioning lists that I find INTERESTING, period.       

The following are listed in alphabetical order.   Feel free to let me know about any that you think are worthwhile but are not included on this list.  Consider using a dedicated e-mail account for this purpose, so as to avoid flooding your regular account(s).

Liberty and Justice

ABA Journal

Activist Post   (good material intermixed with disinformation)



Borderland Beat    "Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War" 

CCHR International 

Center for Constitutional Rights

Chris Beat Cancer

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Convention of States

Daily Sheeple

Drug Policy Alliance

Electronic Frontier Foundation  

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

Free Thought Project

Free State Project

Fully Informed Jury Association

Future of Freedom Foundation

Gavin Seim's Liberty Letter

The Health Wyze Report

Henry Makow

Home School Legal Defense Association 

Homeschoolers Anonymous

Human Rights Coalition 

Innocence Project

International Society for Individual Liberty

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership  

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
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Learn Liberty

Lew Rockwell

Liberty Crier  

The Marshall Project  High quality journalism about the failings of the American criminal justice system.

Medical Kidnap


The New American

The (about your legal rights while driving)

Mad in America International Film Festival

My very own "No-Fly List" (the sign up box is on the right column of this page, just scroll down)

Prison Policy Initiative


Second Amendment Foundation 


Solitary Watch 

Sustainable Economies Law Center

Tenth Amendment Center

Truth Out

Unfiltered News Compiled by G. Edward Griffin

UN Watch

Laurence Vance

Vigilant Citizen


Max Raabe & Palast Orchester

Radio Dismuke

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For behold, the wicked bend the bow,

they make ready their arrow upon the string,

that they may in darkness shoot at the upright in heart. (Psalm 11:2)

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