Note:  It is my policy to only post e-mails on this website when I have received the express permission of the author.  On the contact form on this website, the visitor is specifically asked if I have their permission to publish their comments and/or contact information. I do this out of common courtesy and manners.

Under unusual and extraordinary circumstances, however, I reserve the right to make exceptions to my own rule. The publication of the following material, consisting of repeated unsolicited communications I received at an e-mail address that I have never used in relation to this work, promoting what I consider to be disinformation, represents such an exception.   JP


In the past three weeks (I am writing this on July 13, 2013) I have received several e-mails related to my website activism at a private e-mail address that I have always reserved for personal use and never made public.   

Today I came across a new YouTube video entitled Attempted Setup of Luke Rudkowski.   Luke is a political activist with a group called We Are Change that talks about 9/11 and globalization issues.   In this video, Luke states that he too has recently received an e-mail at an unpublished personal e-mail address.   In his case, the e-mail tried to get his attention with subject matter related to his work, but at the bottom contained links to child pornography.    Luke believes that the purpose of the e-mail was to get the images onto his computer, so that when he travelled internationally and his computer searched at the border, he might be arrested.   However, his Yahoo! e-mail account displayed thumbnail images of the material so he does not believe he actually downloaded the images to his computer.  

In my case, I have received a number of e-mails at my personal address that were related to my public work.   None contained pornography, but they contained unusual and bizarre claims.

Several were "activism" messages from one Lynn Troxel promoting the website COINTELPRO Continues Today.  Here is one example, with my comments shown below as footnotes:


Jeff's Footnotes

(I am not the Jeff referred to in the above e-mail. It apparently refers to one Jeff Murray, an e-mail from whom I have reproduced farther down this page.  The parties whose e-mails are posted on this page cc: each other on several of the e-mails I have received from them.)

1. Author's reference to “consciousness” studies, IN THE CONTEXT OF MKULTRA ACTIVISM, is a red flag.  See:

2. Author implies that expert testimony of a “senior microwave engineer” and discussion of “effective shielding” strategies are somehow relevant to addressing modern MKULTRA.  They are not.   See:

3. This is one of several e-mails I have received from Lynn Troxel at a personal e-mail address I have never used in connection with this website, beginning in June 2013.


Another of these odd e-malis was from one Darlene Miles promoting the website Keep the Ethical Light Burning:


I am convinced that the messages were designed to discredit today's MKULTRA victims (commonly referred to as "targeted individuals") by association with ridiculous claims.   I discuss this concept in detail in two of my original research exhibits:  

On July 12, 2013,  I received another e-mail at my unpublished personal account from what seems to be an obvious agitator, calling for acts of violence to be made.    This reminds me of the guys who show up at peaceful protests and demonstrations and commit violent acts in order to justify the police in cracking down.   They are called agents provocateur.  In any event, I am extremely uncomfortable about receiving an e-mail like this and not saying anything.    So I am publishing the e-mail here for all to see and hypothetically so law enforcement is aware of it, but if I am correct and the author is a provocateur, then he is working for law enforcement anyway so they already know about it.  

In any event, here is the e-mail:

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where is modern day mk ultra being done?  where???  state, city - address?  where?
in order to do mind control you have to be able to inflict trauma... 
Is it all coming from Quantico, VA and the non leathal weapons directorate?  do they share their bio communications torture data with the CIA somewhere else, at another facility? 
It could all be narrowed down to Virginia... one state
these fucking people live some place... it's time we find out who exactly the fucking bastards are.  One of them is Skip Green - I read it on a blog from Dr. Duncan.  So there's one.  Where the fuck is that guy... let's go track him down.  We could go track him down and torture him until he gives us more information... under the cover story of fighting terorism... maybe Skip Green is al Qaeda.. yeah.. that's what I heard, he's really al Qaeda.  Now where the hell is he?  Find this Skip Green and you found one of the ones torturing targeted individuals.

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 03:36:05 -0700
Subject: Fw: Common Disinformation Themes
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Sent: Friday, July 12, 2013 1:32 AM
Subject: Common Disinformation Themes

July 25, 2013 Update

Today, the Activist Post website posted the following related story:


VIDEO:  Attempted Setup of Stewart Rhodes and Dan Johnson

 Video running time: 20 minutes


From:  Jeff Polachek
To:    Lucy Gereats <>;
Date:  October 8, 2013


If you are experiencing pain attacks then I suggest you listen to the podcasts which are available at and are also linked on the front page of my website.

I want no further communication with you, Lynn Troxel, or anyone else that either of you are associated with.  

Please do not contact me again.

Jeff Polachek


On 10/8/2013 4:29 PM, Lucy Geraets wrote:


You completely misinterpreted the email message from Lynn Troxel.  She is not a perp or infiltrator.  You apparently ignored her request asking you to join us and instead, have posted her email message to you on your website.  You mistakenly based words in that email as "strategies" by infiltrators.  For example, the "microwave engineer" is not going to be discussing "strategy" as you stated, but instead is offering TI's a method of shielding themselves, since many of us are still suffering from extreme pain attacks.  Lynn thought that this information would be useful in our discussion based on this TI's occupation and background.  This is NOT misinformation; nor is it a "strategy".

Do you know where your email address appears as above?
On your website, you say that it is a private email address that you don't usually use.  Well you DID use it someplace....

Your email address appears on the FFCHS mailing list.  Last year, a TI released Derrick's list to many other TI's.  This list went around the internet to an unknown number of TI's who then probably also forwarded to even more TI's.   Our group received it and we are using it to reach other TI's that have been under Derrick's PsOps spell for too long..........

Lynn did not give permission for you to post her private email on your website.  I think you should  have asked her before you did so.

Also, I am not giving you permission to post this message, either, except that you probably will anyway.  This message is meant as a CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE to you only, with a 'cc to Lynn T.


October 15, 2013

Here is another e-mail which I received at my (formerly) non-public e-mail address.  The text of the e-mail, and more particularly the content of the linked Youtube video, are clearly designed to give the impression that the author is either mentally ill, a raving lunatic, or both.  The video contains numerous claims that I have previously identified as common disinformation themes in my article MC301 - Common Disinformation Themes.

Take note of the number 33 (typically a masonic signature) in the sender's e-mail address.   It seems as though this is another example of someone deliberately trying to discredit true MKULTRA subjects by association with ridiculous claims.


-------- Original Message --------

Subject: It's just a preliminary video...
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 17:28:50 -0400
From: Melissa S <>
To: undisclosed-recipients

I wanted to finish the video but they woulldn;t let me. I know I may make you all seem un-credible. Put your comments in and let me know how you feel. You know when your tortured for over 11 years you do sound crazy. If that''s the way to get it into the sheeples heads. Even Alex Jones has seen me naked. So keep on yelling crazy man. I hope you get me out dr. john hall. Winning a prize like that. Satellite Terrorism we will make you all look like terrorists. Even if all you were doing was reading a book about Maya Angelou. 10,000 hits are all I'm asking for and then I will take the video down and die in horror.


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