(originally sent to my e-mail list on 2012-09-07)

Hello friends,

The other day I received another e-mail from an individual who has been subjected to MKULTRA harrassment for the past several years and is asking for help. He requests to stay anonymous for now, so I can help only by making his story public.

Another point to consider: a person who has classified mind-control neurotechnology in their brain is by definition an asset of the controlling agency, even if it is against their will and without their consent. This constitutes slavery and there can be no justification for it under any circumstances. Details on how it works are all over my website.

Incidentally, it is extremely important that readers of my website do not trust me as a reliable source of information, even if at the moment I seem to be earning it in any way.

Jeremy's site ended up going down the memory hole when he was forced into poverty and homelessness, and it was one of the best resources out there on this subject matter. His testimony at the Bioethics hearings made me think very seriously about the following:

CodeOfConductThe same kind of recognition technology that allows Facebook to automatically identify people in your photographs may also be used in X-Ray or MRI equipment to remove traces of classified neurotechnology from pictures of your body and brain.

Ask yourself: Do you have access to the computer source code that controls the equipment? Who made the equipment? What if the neurotechnology is built at the atomic or molecular level? Would the imaging equipment your doctor is using pick it up? How can you be sure?

If humanity is to remain free, we need access to medical scanning equipment that is able to not only detect microscopic technology in the human body, but whose architecture INCLUDING COMPUTER FIRMWARE CODE is 100% open source and verifiable.


... then you know what I am saying is true, and that you are already a slave to these people by means of the advanced technology implanted in your body. You and your victims qualify as a Prisoners of War under international law, if you do not consent to your situation. Also read up on the Nuremberg code and why the Nazis were hanged. Following illegal orders to commit crimes against humanity makes you just as culpable as the one who gave the order.

I bet whatever perks they are giving you are not all that great, when you really think about it. I bet you're getting the same lousy 401K package as all the chumps you work alongside. Get real, you're just as much a slave as everyone else.

Do you like living in fear of being tortured for any perceived disobedience? Continuing to obey your superiors indefinitely will not change your situation. Sabotage the bastards if you ever get the chance to make a real impact, even if it costs you everything. You know you want to.

Ciao for now,