I have been working many hours the last few days to get this website set back up.  Starting a few days back I have started getting SEVERAL THOUSAND SPAM messages in my main e-mail inbox everyday, and legitimate e-mail messages have NOT been reaching me.   I have always gotten occasional spam but the huge volume suddenly beginning all at once is weird.

At the moment, I have tested the Contact Me link on the top right corner of the website, and messages sent via that form ARE reaching me, but SOME e-mails sent the regular way are not.   I received one message normally today so it's not 100% out.   

In the early morning hours of September 13, my e-mail program popped up a message saying I had the wrong password, even though I had not changed it recently.  I tried putting in my current password but it was now wrong.   So I have gone ahead and started changing my passwords on my accounts just in case someone has gotten in for mischievous purposes.    Also this is very coincidental timing because one of the people's work who I am presenting on this website posted on her blog a week or two ago that her e-mail account had also been hacked and she was not even able to get back into it.   That's someone who I don't know personally but is also blogging about mind control subjects (see the Rachel link on the main menu under neurotech).    And also one of the others (the AreYouTargeted owner, another site explaining how modern mind control programs work)  whose working I am featuring on this site took their site down awhile back and from listening to his podcasts he says he was apparently getting some kind of serious harassment but he didn't go into the details.   

I know I am still missing e-mail messages because I tried registering for several web forums and never got the activation links.   An hour or two ago I made an online purchase and the receipt never reached me.  I have a number of spam filters set up but they do not seem to be the issue, and I haven't figured out the exact cause.    I'm not sure yet whether I will be able to track it down on my own or not.   If you are somebody I know and are wondering why I have not replied to an e-mail you sent to my usual e-mail address, that's why.  

I am authorizing my original materials to be shared freely (click image at extreme lower left corner of page for license terms) and make off-line copies of this site if you want.   The videos I link in the mind control section are extremely imporrtant, I suggest that you save your own copies of them in case they get taken off of YouTube.   Just Google "How to save YouTube Videos" and you'll find a number of easy methods.   Please post them on your own sites or at least send the links to other people.