Adopt this effort as your own by making a donation to help cover the costs of keeping the site online, and have your name prominently displayed on the right column of the website.


  1. General conditions.
    • Your name will be placed on my website as my way of acknowledging your voluntary donation to support my work and help keep this website going.
    • You are not purchasing advertising or anything else.
    • To ensure the integrity of my work, I reserve the right at any time to refund a supporter's payment in full and, after doing so, to remove their name or link, if I feel that their sponsorship is inconsistent with the purposes of my website.
  2. Prominence; where names are displayed.
    • On sections of the website containing my personal research or related research, supporter names and links will be always be displayed near the top of the content area of the website.
    • In the sections of the website dedicated to the work of third parties, supporter names may not be displayed or will be displayed farther down the page in order to make room for links specific to that party.
    • I reserve the right to modify the aesthetics of the website (theme, layout, etc.) but have no plans to do so at this time.
    • The guestbook page of the website does not have a right column so supporter names will not appear there.
  3. How names are displayed.
    • Names may be up to 30 characters maximum length.
    • Names will appear in plain text.
    • Hyperlinks, if specified, will be underlined and configured to open in a new browser window.
    • No graphics or other types of advertising are being offered.
    • Whenever there are multiple supporters, new supporter names will be added below existing names, and may move up the list as previous names expire, except for supporters choosing the "Life of Website" option, who will be placed at the top of the list, but below any other "Life of Website" supporter names (assuming anyone ever chooses those options to begin with). Existing supporters will keep their place in line if they renew.

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